Thursday, December 5, 2013

We need all the support we can get

So back to the shop. The scrap piece that I doubled, and glued together is now set, and it’s time to cut the wedge pieces. These will supply a great amount of support (along with good dowels).

The table saw is set back at the 22.5 degree mark, the same setting that I cut the edges of the seat and base at, but instead of cutting the pieces on end, I just cut them flat on the table saw.

This is a pretty easy job. The wood is large enough to not have to get my fingers near the blade, and since it rests flat against the table it will slide right through. Once I make the first cut, all I have to do is turn the board upside down, adjust the fence a bit closer, and make the second cut. Very easy. I just eyed the blade against the wood, made a tiny first cut, barely touching the wood, made sure the cut would come to a nice point, and continued the cuts. I need to make just two of these.

 Ok, I got a little excited and made this many. Not sure why, but they sure look nice.

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