Friday, December 27, 2013

Tapering off

Now it’s time to trim all 4 pieces to their proper widths. One of the things that make this a complicated build are all the angles used. It would be one thing if the seat was just straight, but 3 out of the 4 pieces have a taper to them. The back is the only piece that is not tapered.

To cut the pieces it’s a pretty easy job on the table saw. The first thing I did was dry fit the seat to the back piece. I started with the seat, since it was square, with no taper. I will base all the other cuts from this piece. 

The back and seat fit together snug, and stay in place. All I had to do is mark a line from where the back meets the seat, to the front of the seat. Then I’ll draw the taper from the seat to the center piece, and follow that same procedure for the bottom foot section.

Next step is to bring out my sled. This sled is nothing more than a flat piece of birch plywood that has a runner underneath it that fits in the track on the table saw bed.  I’ve put two hold down clamps on the back of the sled, and after aligning the marked lines I clamp the wood down.

Front looks good.

Back looks good.

Cut came out nice.

Here’s a photo of the base piece after being tapered.

All 3 pieces are now tapered.

So far so good….

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