Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Planing and trimming

 I’ve now glued the boards together using biscuits, and now I’m taking it back to be planed down to the proper thickness - .75 in (19.05mm). 

  That's a nice piece of Cherry!

Now it’s at the correct thickness, and I will cut it into the 4 main pieces needed, and one more piece to construct the wedges (and dowels) out of. 

I took the wood home, and went over it in some areas with a scraper, just to smooth out some light marks from the planing process.

I used my sled on the table saw to trim the pieces down a bit, but no to the exact size just yet. 

With the leftover piece, I cut it into 2 pieces, and will glue them together to give me the proper thickness for the wedges that will support the seat and base.

 Cutting two even pieces...

 ...they will be glued together.

Glued together, clamps in place, I will let this rest overnight and cut the wedges tomorrow.

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