Monday, January 27, 2014

Having a seat

Here's yet another small challenge in this design; since the seat and back are at 95 degrees instead of 90, it's a little trickier gluing and clamping these two pieces together. You have to apply pressure at the back of the seat towards the front, and from the top of the back to the seat. Maybe pictures will help explain:

 Here is a test fit of the joint. What I have come up with is a bit of a custom glue jig to make the joint stay tight as the glue dries. In the picture above you can see where the back of the seat would need pressure downward to push against the seat, and the seat needs pressure from the back to push from that angle.

Part of the solution you can see above;  I made a piece of wood with several small wood squares glued to it. These squares line up against the finger joints and will place pressure along each finger to tighten the joint.

Here you can see the custom piece I made for the clamp to put pressure from the back of the seat towards the front. It also has small squares that align with the fingers in the seat back.

In the top picture you can see how the block is placing pressure towards the front of the seat, and from the bottom picture you can see the vertical clamp tightening the joint from the top.

 Here's another photo from the back showing all 4 clamps in place.

All in all a tricky glue set up!

And the result.....

Looks good! Nice tight joint, and aligned at 95 degrees!

So far so good, no mistakes (yet)!

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