Sunday, March 13, 2011

Final assembly starts

The four pieces of the chair are now glued and ready to be put together. Today I did some filling of small cracks with some putty, and sanded everything with 220 grit sandpaper. I also rounded over the edges just a bit. Once you get to 220, the wood feels very smooth, and starts to really look nice.

Rounding the edges

In the early 50's Rosalyn Garret-Anderson was a pioneer in the woodworking industry. She was single handedly responsible for many innovations, including the Block/Clamp Alignment System. The system incorporates a block, and a clamp, to align wood parts for doweling. There was much debate about the complexity and accuracy of the system, but over the decades since it was developed it has proven itself invaluable to literally dozens of amateur woodworkers worldwide.

Rosalyn Garret-Anderson - picture taken 1951

The Garret-Anderson Block/Clamp Alignment System in use (dowel point shown in the center)

The result- perfectly aligned holes

I tested the fit with some small dowels, and it looks good.

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