Saturday, May 4, 2019

Olaf's Red and Blue chair

One of my blog readers from Quebec, Olaf, e-mailed me with some photos of his latest project the iconic Red and Blue chair, which he has been wanting to build since he was 5 years old! Here is part of what he wrote:
"I received the “Rietveld Meubels om zelf te maken” book today. The book is great, and I’m already planning a whole slew of things to make"
Olaf says he's not painting the Red and Blue in the original colors, but in a scheme of black, white, and grey. He's also planning on building the Rietveld Crate Chair, Zig Zag, Military Chair, and the Berlin Chair & Side Table in the future.

I've added a few pictures of chair being built. I look forward to seeing the final results!

                              Back and seat, 12 mm Russian birch plywood

                                               Frame being clamped

                            Seat and back on chair frame (but not attached)

First layer of black applied

                                                Second layer of grey